New Advantech UNO-137 Embedded PC

The UNO-137 has been designed as an edge controller for industrial automation applications and has been optimized for DIN-rail mounting, offering fast assembly and disassembly even in tight environments.

The rugged design meets IEC-61010 safety standards and includes: extended operating temperature range (-40 to +70°C), extended input voltage (10 to 36 Vdc), and isolated DIO / COM ports and TPM 2.0 hardware-based security, making the UNO-137 is the ideal equipment for control cabinets and industrial applications.

Modular design for flexible configuration:
In order to guarantee the easy development of different IoT projects, the UNO-137 has a modular design. The standard unit has two expansion slots, 1 x mPCIe and 1 x M.2, to integrate different expansion modules. In addition, the UNO-137 can easily be equipped with an optional expansion kit that allows the system to be adapted according to the requirements of use. In this expansion kit, we can install Advantech's iDoor modules, for capo buses or wireless communications, adding functionality and preparing the equipment for use in a much wider range of applications.

The UNO-137 is edge-computing oriented and is easily integrated with different edge-softwares to be installed in different industrial applications. For example, for machine monitoring, we can use the DIO or connect it via the USB ports.

The inclusion of DAQNAvi software facilitates the prediction and prevention of failures. In addition, the UNO-137 can incorporate, through an additional iDoor fieldbus module and with CODESYS, real time operations. For remote management, the UNO-137 supports WiDi. LTE and 5G connectivity.
Integration with Advantech's WISE-DeviceOn software enables flexible device management.

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