Lighting Projects

Tempel Group is a specialist in the realization of Integral projects Indoor and outdoor lighting for professional use. In order to face the growing demand for efficiency and Energy saving, we are committed to integrating technology LED.

Our projects are adapted to all types of clients and budgets. Therefore, we have a team of highly qualified professionals who offer an exclusive and personalized consultancy service. Thanks to its extensive experience and light sensitivity, it accompanies our clients throughout the process of execution and after-sales of a project.

Our R&D focus and vision is focused on the intelligent development of energy efficiency projects, through a wide range of cutting-edge integrated solutions, leading to the transition to sustainability and the use of clean energy by integrating traditional technologies with advanced energy management technologies and the Internet of Things in the field of lighting.

From our Department of lighting projects we study the needs or shortcomings of each case and develop adapted solutions. Our proposals guarantee an optimal lighting system.

We select the product and carry out energy efficiency and amortization studies. We ensure maximum quality and savings.

With our 3d lighting studies we are able to simulate in a precise and realistic way the result that will be obtained with the implantation of the system.

 We offer a range of solutions to our clients, according to the parameters defined by our specialists.

Who is it aimed at? What value does it bring to my company?

Each lighting project is designed according to customer's needs. This service is aimed at those companies that need Improve light quality of their establishments and Reduce energy consumption. In addition, the sensation the visitor perceives improves: a distinguished atmosphere and comfort are achieved. In short, in each lighting project the quality of life of the people improves, it reduces the electricity expenditure and the light pollution.