R3000 LG OG

Robustel R3000 LG-OG is an outdoor LoRaWAN IP67 gateway, integrating LoRaWAN wireless communication technology and cellular network technology, to provide users with long-distance wireless data transmission services.

The Robustel R3000 LG-OG is an outdoor IP67 LoRaWAN gateway with a variety of advanced features not normally found in these devices. Unique features include:


Smart Roaming - Unique network selection algorithm for smart network selection when using a 3G / 4G backhaul with SIM while roaming: provides the highest possible resilience
RobustVPN - Make easy inbound connections to Robustel gateways with any SIM or broadband connection. No fixed IP required for DynDNS services
Built-in LNS - Optional integrated LoRaWAN network server for applications requiring local network data processing: minimizes network traffic



The R3000LG-OG is based on Robustel's best-selling router, the R3000. With many tens of thousands sold annually, Robustel can achieve economies of scale in the R3000 series as a whole that many others in the IoT market cannot. For this reason, Robustel can offer an outdoor LoRaWAN gateway with a very stable industrial design at very attractive prices.


All the latest models are compatible with Global LTE (4G) communications thanks to the adoption of the latest Global Cell Module technology.



  • Supports global LoRaWAN ISM frequency bands
  • Compatible with LoRaWAN and private protocols
  • Compatible with any LoRaWAN Network Server
  • Receive data simultaneously on up to 8 channels
  • Robust operating system with SDK
  • Backhaul option supports 3G, 4G and Ethernet
  • Supports dual SIM + Smart Roaming for high availability in cellular communications IP67 protection resistant to water, dust and other extreme weather conditions
  • PoE power: single cable installation
  • Simple wall or pole mount options