We keep innovating! The S410 raises the bar for quality semi-rugged notebooks - rugged, compact and lightweight!

The Semi-surface Notebook, S410, is a lighter, more compact and more robust computer than its predecessor.
This laptop is equipped with 11th generation Intel core i processors, from the entry-level core i3 to the powerful core i7. In addition, if we choose the optional NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX dedicated graphics card, we get a laptop with a very high graphics processing power, ideal for 3D graphic design work, video processing,...



Getac's LumiBond® 2.0 technology gives this S410 an improved touch screen that is more durable and readable in high light conditions.



The autonomy of the S410 exceeds all the limits designed. Thanks to the optional secondary battery, it allows us to extend its use for hours without having a plug to recharge nearby. But that's not all this 14" FullHD laptop has, it also has the option of incorporating a main 1TB SSD and another secondary unit. These features give the S410 almost full autonomy and capacity.



In terms of security, the laptop incorporates innovative technologies to protect information, such as, fingerprint reader, Smart card reader, TPM2.0, reader (LF/HF) RFID. In this way, access to the data contained in the S410 is controlled as well as its integrity.



Finally, the S410 has a wide variety of ports that allow you to connect different types of devices. Among the I/O ports we find USB Poweshare, USB 3.1 C type, 2 LAN ports.

All this and more can be found in a compact, lightweight laptop designed to last