Today, when Google has become our solution to "find everything", we are surprised that such peculiar searches as "industrial computer for the rail sector" has over 16,600,000 searches.  

Perhaps, after more than 20 years in this market, we should also look at it as a #New abnormality # in our sector, since the sector #Rail is continuously growing.

If we listen to the figures, the forecast is that in 2022, 61 billion are expected; that is to say, we are talking about billions of euros, in rolling stock (it is called rolling stock Or rolling stock to all types of vehicles with wheels capable of driving on a railway, considering them as isolated vehicles), and with respect to the bet on infrastructure, in 2022 it will be approximately 37,000 million Euros.

But what about technology foresight?

For as the joint statement mentions "Joint Rail Sector Declaration on Digitalisation of RailwaysIn the light of the above, the rail industry and rail traffic management should be based on intelligent, more automated and connected transport systems on a large rail network infrastructure, which, by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies, makes it possible to reduce the cost of its life cycle.

In other words, in the technologies of this new future', we must already talk about intelligent systems in autonomous trains as well as placing special emphasis on the digitalisation of their systems.

And how do such relevant brands as Advantech with your pcs #fanless that is to say, #sinventilator?

For none of this could be achieved without key hardware components in this new technological disruption and 4.0 transformation.

Speaking from an industrial angle, the PCs as well as Panel PCs and on-board monitorsThe equipment that enables train staff and passengers to interact with the various networks and systems. This opens up a new range of service and data management opportunities that have the potential to change internal processes and the customer experience, two key elements in every company's value chain.

If you need to know more about finding your solution in the Rail sector for:

  • Save space.
  • To find a product that has a high resistance to all external factors, such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, dust or shocks and vibrations.
  • That has certification EN50155 and EN50121-4.

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