Today, we share with all of you a new #TGWEBINAR

In this webinar, conducted by our colleague Roger Madrid, Tempel Group Technical Support delegation of Barcelona, we talk about the LCD console with integrated KVM Swith CL3884NW and widescreen Aten.

The CL3884NW LCD KVM switch offers a streamlined and compact approach to KVM switch technology by integrating a keyboard, 18.5″ LED backlit LCD monitor and touch panel in a sliding, 1U rack mountable enclosure.

The dual-rail design allows the LCD monitor, keyboard and touchpad to operate independently of each other. To maximize space utilization, the keyboard and touchpad modules can be slid back to hide them when not in use, while the LCD monitor swivels back and can be placed against the rack for convenient monitoring of computer activity.

The CL3884NW offers two console outputs that provide the user with real-time monitoring functionality. You can control both outputs to display the following display modes: four-screen, picture-in-picture (PiP), picture-by-picture (PbP), and picture-over-picture (PoP). The display modes have different layout options that allow you to customize which sources are displayed. In addition, by cascading up to 2 levels, the CL3884NW allows simultaneous display of up to 16 video sources that can be controlled with a separate mouse and keyboard.

For added convenience, users can choose to manage the computer from an external console. The CL3884NW is equipped with a USB peripheral port on the front panel of the unit, external KVM console ports (USB keyboard/mouse and HDMI monitor) on the rear panel, and audio ports for connecting audio speakers.

Dive into our #TGWEBINAR, and find out more about the console. LCD KVM CL3884NW of Aten.