Connecting Southern Peru: Digital Transformation and Renewable Energy in Telecommunications

Within the plans of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru, the organizational transformation towards an information and knowledge society is one of its main pillars, through the massification of broadband internet access, as well as fixed and mobile, to promote the development of digital skills in search of social inclusion, socioeconomic development and security of the country.

In this line, Tempel Group has participated in a very challenging project on powering repeater stations with renewable energies. Enetek, together with one of the companies of telecommunications in charge of developing the connectivity projects in the regions of Puno, Junín, Tacna and Moquegua. The project consisted of supplying and installing 41 solar nodes together with Rectifiers, Investors, Pales And Solar Structures fed with lithium batteries brand Kaise.

The challenge of this project was to achieve connectivity in isolated regions in the south of the country through the construction of telecommunications nodes, laying kilometers of fiber optics, these actions will provide better connectivity in the south of Peru.

About the technology supplied in the project

The energy system Enetek includes rectifiers, batteries, system controller, inverters and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). They are designed for easy connectivity to renewable energy sources.. Enetek's power solutions are capable of safeguarding telecommunications assets for numerous different applications through the use of flexible, modular and scalable core system components.

On the other hand, thanks to the implementation of Kaise lithium batteries, ideal for extreme environments, these batteries are long life and do not require maintenance, which avoids logistic costs for the project.

With these batteries in high demand due to their ease of installation and maintenance, reliability is assured with the patented pole seal and design developed to meet the latest IEC, British and Telcordia standards, a centralized ventilation system adds to the suitability and flexibility of this product range.

The success of this project is very important in the digitalization of the country and the connection of the most distant towns of the Peruvian geography.

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